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Kezia Renée Lechner
Usui Reiki Master

Raised by a physician and nurse educator, I have had an interest in health and wellness for much of my life. Initially trained as an artist, I worked as a professional teaching artist for a number of years, yet found myself increasingly drawn to the Healing Arts.

During that time I studied, experienced and mastered a broad range of modalities, both as a student and client. I used them to improve my own health and further my own growth. But, as is the case with many healers, it was an unexpected illness that truly deepened my knowledge about what it takes to heal. I learned from the inside out!

I became a Usui Reiki Master in 1999 and began to practice hands on, as well as distance healing with both people and pets soon after. I knew I had found a modality flexible and overarching enough to allow me to integrate all I had learned in order to provide clients with optimal, high level healing.

In my sessions I combine Reiki with Intuitive Life Coaching for those people who want it. I find this combination to be highly effective, not only in uncovering the roots of an imbalance, but in helping clients create breakthroughs, shifts and openings in all areas of their lives.

You can contact me at or 919.929.8749.